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Oda Nabunaga



First Appearance:

A Maiden Teleported

Last Appearance:

Sunlight Maiden

Nobunaga Oda is a female fedual lord of Owari who desires to collect all of the pieces of the Crimson Armor in order to reunite Japan, with the help of her two retainers Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide. She is able to wield a large sword that appears to control flames. She is a fearless young woman, who rather quickly acknowledges Hideyoshi. Nobunaga is shown to be physically the strongest of all the characters shown in the series.


Nobunaga has golden eyes with long red hair that is usually tied back in a ponytail. She has a tall, slim figure, and a proportioned body with large chest.

Her normal attire consisits of dark gray and light yellow armor with the same color scheme boots, and a long dark blue and light red cape with a red jewel. She has wore different clothing at different ocasions such as: A pajamia like outift shown during a play written by Hideyoshi, and a dark blue outfit that was shown during a rainy day.


Nobunaga is a hot tempered woman gifted in Japanese Martial Arts.She is confident, fiery and will do anything it takes to find the Crimson Armor and reunite Japan.Despite looking quite tough.Nobunaga is encouraging to her allies and always complements Hideyoshi whenever she does something well.She is named after Oda Nobunaga one of the most prominent figures in the Japanese warring era.


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